Women making an “IMPACT”

“As a bullet whizzed past my cheek, the heat caused me to fall face first into the concrete” Isaiah Brooms spoke to the crowd – and we listened to each word, each breath of his story, this was his experience growing up in Chicago. This same man Isaiah was now in front of the crowd of over 400 women, and he is now a Chicago Public School teacher, a mentor, a youth minister, and role model Mr. Brooms  is telling us this, and thanking Tutoring Chicago and his first tutor Sarah.

Tutoring Chicago

From Tutoring Chicago Facebook page

Isaiah is pitching to the crowd, almost Shark Tank style as he and six other finalist are presenting for the 2016 grant award from Impact 100 Chicago. A group of women in Chicago who each donate $1,000 each to empower change. This is an all women, all volunteer group of women, who put their own money, time, effort, and resources to seek out nonprofits that are making a difference, empowering, and changing the lives of so many.

These grants are not taking lightly, each application and applicant is looked over and vetted with a rigorous review, four-step process, and close look at how the funds will be used.

From RefugeeOne Facebook page -

From RefugeeOne Facebook page –

Each of the presentations were so moving, I wanted to get up and volunteer  my own time and money to help each one. The crowd heard from Refugee One, a very poised young lady who survived the worst situation over in her birth country of Sudan was welcomed with open arms when she finally arrived to Chicago. A heart moving story of how she now has hope for a future because of this group was eye opening.

Another presentation was for a program which supports low-income students so they can continue their education, One Million Degrees and they walked away with on of the four awarded with $100,000 grant’s so they can continue to support their efforts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.41.47 PMHere are the links to all of the organizations that were selected to present – in my heart all of these are amazing and sharing your support will continue to impact change for the better here in Chicago, and around the world. Next year you can bet that I will be supporting Impact 100 Chicago, and maybe you should also.

Chicago Women in Trades

One Million Degrees

The Chicago Debate Commission

Refugee One

Family Rescue Inc


Action Chicago



What will I wear? Because I love to eat on Vacation

I recently had a quick few days in Las Vegas for a conference. I wanted to travel with a simple easy wardrobe that I could mix and match. I looked to pack a few pieces that could be dressy, casual, easy to layer, and items that I didn’t have to worry about wrinkles. By the way, is soft surroundings in financial trouble? because I really like the clothes in Soft Surrounding. offers stylish, luxurious, and comfortable women’s clothes for every size.


Love this simple pop of bright pink top – you can dress it up or down. Here I have it with a simple pair of jeans, faded black.

This silky black top can be worn for a nice dinner, off to a show, in a club. It gives you a lot of room to enjoy the food you may want to try in the restaurant. If you spill on it no worries, to make sure it’s wrinkle free when you arrive just hang it in the bathroom, and boom it’s ready to wear.


A great silky black top, with a dark dressy pair of jeans. Gold jewelry.

Love this simple clean look, with a pop of color in the red jeans. This black top is easy to layer and again you can dress it up or down. Looks very classy with the silver chain.


This is a great look to walk around the town. You can layer it up when your get a chill, and strip it down if you get hot walking in the warm Vegas air.

white shirt, black jeans, business look.

This is a great clean and classy look – I paired it with a black blazer and it was ready for business. A crisp white shirt, dark jeans, and high heals.

I love this look, it’s amazing that jeans with these big rips can actually be considered dressy. This is my casual  travel look when I fly, I layer a soft gray sweater over this, and also carry and wear my big gray poncho – pictured below. I wear my easy gray slip on shoes for going through the TSA lines, easy to slip my shoes on and off.


This photo was taken on a recent trip to NYC not Las Vegas, but I wanted to include it because you can see I have my gray poncho on. It’s like a big warm blanket perfect to travel on a plane with.


College Campus Countdown Top 5

Getting it right – top 5 items to bring to campus – and 5 other

(I told you so) tips to keep in mind

Less is More

Less is More

We all know

#1. Less is MORE!

You will discover this to be more than true once you start loading, unloading, and schlepping all the items up to the dorm room. Did I mention schlepping

#2. Shop in your garage, basement, parents house before you spend money at the store.

#3. Label your stuff, even if it’s just a dot from a black sharpie or your initials. This will save a few roommate squabbles down the line.

#4. Spend some time on “Pinterest” and see how many ways you can use a storage cube, and multipurpose.

#5 Get to your dorm room first so you can choose your desk, bed, and better side of the room…

Get to your room early - to pick your side

Get to your room early – to pick your side

Having spent the last 10 years getting kids to college I have started to realize that I’m so over packing and still “overpacking” them. I tend to pack many items that they don’t need, and then I get to campus and still have to run to the nearest Target, Wal-Mart, or campus bookstore to pick up other items.

Here are 5 more of my tips to keep you on track, save you time, save you money, and save your sanity.


• Sheets. Get the right size sheet set – Twin XL! This is a biggie those dorm beds only work with XL unless your college lets you know different- get the right size– right the first time. I have tried to wrangle other old sheets from around the house, and trust me – they don’t work.
• Foam Topper. I thought it was just my daughter being her best version of princess and the pea, until the twins called from college and they also needed the Foam topper. You can find them everywhere these days and at a reasonable cost.
• Mattress cover. Well they are going to study in bed, perhaps have a cup of coffee (right) it might spill – keep the mattress dry and get your little study bug a protecting mattress cover, with bedbug protection…

Make sure you get the x long

Make sure you get the x long


• Don’t sign them up for a service – make them learn how to do their own laundry and suffer. So many many life lessons can be learned from doing laundry, trust me.
• Skip the hamper and get them the laundry bag. It’s easy to carry, stuff full and fuller, add detergent, and if needed a full bag can provide extra seating if friends stop over to the dorm for some “study time”.
• Tide Laundry Pods– the best invention – easy to use, carry, they don’t tip, spill…I love em

Best bet for Laundry - better then a basket or hamper

Best bet for Laundry – better then a basket or hamper


• Get a soft fold shower caddy – not the hard plastic kind. Also make sure it has holes so it can drain.
• Shower shoes – your child is going to want these! You want them to wear them.
• A small unbreakable personal mirror – for contacts, make-up, one you can carry with you.

These soft Mesh totes are much better then plastic shower baskets

These soft Mesh totes are much better then plastic shower baskets

Sporttote dorm


• Chargers – Chargers, did I mention Chargers
• Surge protectors
• Lap Desk
• Bottle opener
• Paper towels
• Flashlight




More Space

2011-08-17 12.36.40

Some items you can get once you get to camput


• Protection – you know from the sun, from unwelcome birth, outdoor safety, heavy rain, power surge,keep laptop safe
• Debit Card – small amount for nights out on the town
• A phone card with grandmas address, phone number
• Great college Apps (Next blog post)

• Over the door rack
• A plate with a usb charger
• Bottle opener
• Paper towels










• Sense of humor

You want them to have some fun

You want them to have some fun


Past it’s Prime? Quick List to tell

How much money have you spent on makeup – how about something not looking right once you get it home, but you save it , and think maybe next season. Did you know you should toss out your makeup before it’s all used up if it’s past a do not use time zone?  I hate  having to do that.

Here are a few tips to look for when making sure your makeup is safe to use. Products that touch your eyes and lips, these outdated products can be dangerous because they contain harmful bacteria.

MakeUpphoto (2)

Toss it if
Mascara is older than 3 months
Liquid eyeliner 3-6  months
Powder eye shadow 1 year
Powder blush 2 years

I was not happy to toss all of this out – but I was also afraid my daughter might use something out of date so I did. Please check out your products with the above time line and get rid of what you don’t want.

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5 -Star Luxury My Top 5 Needs

If you have been  thinking of spending some extra money to stay at a luxury five-star hotel. Do it!, you deserve to be spoiled, live in luxury, and have your needs met before you even know that you need anything.

Les Sources de Caudalie, located among the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, a Graves great growth, was established in 1999.

Les Sources de Caudalie- France

I have come up with my list of 5 areas that I feel set different hotels apart, and make the experience even that much better. It’s pretty simple for the top hotels to do, and it’s the small attention to details and service that have made the difference to me.

Esperanza Cabo San Lucas Mexico Situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, this luxury resort is 19 km from downtown Los Cabos. It features a beachfront infinity pool, spa boutique, and free yoga sessions.

Esperanza Cabo San Lucas Mexico 

Of course there are certain things that some five-star hotels can offer that others can’t based on location, time of year, and staff.

Here are some of the things that easily enhance the experience that I notice right away, and really set the tone of luxury and attention to detail that you should expect.




Let’s start with the bathroom. Do they have two sinks? Also they should have that simple little lighted make-up mirror a good sign if they do. Also a scale is something I have come to expect, 2 warm cozy robes, slippers (sometimes found in the closet), Q-tips, cotton pads, lip balm, body wash, nail care items, sewing kit, bottled water, loads of extra cozy towels, soaps, body wash shampoos, conditioner, body cream, real décor silver, glass items in the bathroom, and a double shower head. A must is a real hairdryer, extra combs and now they even have small airline size plastic bags that you can take home your unused items.

Le Meurice has been ranked among the most elegant hotels in the world

Le Meurice Paris 


In the closet I like to find extra hangers wood ones that actual come off the racks, they should also have many soft cloth hangers, extra pillows, extra warm cozy blankets,  and yes I like to find a iron, and extra luggage rack. How great is it to have a safe that’s actually large enough for my laptop and a safe that has plugs in it – excellent!

The Minibar and refrigerator

It’s great to find fresh and healthy items these days in your room, so hotels will have some cheese and fruit waiting for you. In the minibar some healthy items are a big plus and a nice selection of sweet and salty items. Coffee makers stocked with the right condiments and extra tea, coffee.

Wynn Las Vagas

Wynn Las Vagas

Wynn Las Vagas

Wynn Las Vagas


Concierge & Staff

Above all the hotel staff can make or break your experience. A concierge who knows how to communicate, is helpful, and offers great suggestions is worth their weight in gold. Anyone who comes into your room, from housekeeping in the day, to the room turndown service at night. Bellhops, maintenance personal, room service servers, those who are warm and friendly bring comfort and value to your stay.

Other Amenities

The Peninsula Beverly Hills is a luxury hotel at the intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard

The Peninsula Beverly Hills 

Round the clock room service, laundry service, 24 hour fitness center with water, towels, magazine, and juice.


Four Seasons Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.39.48 PM

The Grand Del Mar San Diego

A few more of my top choices —

Villa D Este Via Regina 40 Lake Como Cernobbio CO 22012 Italy 1-855-201-7819

Grand Hotel Timeo     Teatro Greco 59, 98039 Taormina, Italy

Four Seasons Hotels Nevis,Florence,Haulalai,Chicago, New York, Whistler

Hotel Le Meurice Paris, France

The Peninsula Hotels – Chicago, Beverly Hills


St. Regis Florence – The Grand Hotel

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @BethRosen

and next week I will be covering each hotel in more detail.