Past it’s Prime? Quick List to tell

How much money have you spent on makeup – how about something not looking right once you get it home, but you save it , and think maybe next season. Did you know you should toss out your makeup before it’s all used up if it’s past a do not use time zone?  I hate  having to do that.

Here are a few tips to look for when making sure your makeup is safe to use. Products that touch your eyes and lips, these outdated products can be dangerous because they contain harmful bacteria.

MakeUpphoto (2)

Toss it if
Mascara is older than 3 months
Liquid eyeliner 3-6  months
Powder eye shadow 1 year
Powder blush 2 years

I was not happy to toss all of this out – but I was also afraid my daughter might use something out of date so I did. Please check out your products with the above time line and get rid of what you don’t want.

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