Let’s just put an egg on it – and eat

I love egg’s – and it’s crazy but almost any food that has an egg on it, in it, or around it tastes pretty good. My three son’s love eggs on any type of burgers, my daughter will eat eggs on her pizza, and my hubby just likes them scrambled.

This past year I have traveled the world. Of course I can order eggs in around the world now..
in Chinese it’s 鸡蛋
Italian uova
Turkish yumurta
French œufs
Catalan ous
Spainish huevos


Amazing Poached Eggs Diner Brooklyn http://dinernyc.com/menus/food/brunch/



Recovery Brunch – Milk Bar Barcelona http://www.milkbarcelona.com/menus/recovery-brunch/



The Paramount South Boston Simple easy egg’s http://www.paramountboston.com/southboston/press


Allium Restaurant Chicago Four Seasons http://www.paramountboston.com/southboston/press

News – One Million Jamba Juice Smoothie or Juice Giveaway

Did you make a New Year resolution to try to eat or snack healthy?

New Years Resolution #5 Snack Healthy

New Years Resolution #5 Snack Healthy

Give yourself a chance to try a healthy mid-day healthy snack, or give your kids a chance to make a healthy after school snack choice with The Jamba Juice One Million Free Smoothies or Juices Give Away.

Do you cringe when kids choose their own after school snacks?
We try to model the right choices, when our children are young we can control the snacks, an apple, a healthy cookie option, yogurt, but then the unexpected happens they get invited to go to little Johnny’s house and his mom servers some amazingly delicious but unacceptable unhealthy dreaded treat.
Do you hope that once the kids get a chance to pick their own after school snacks they will make healthy choices?


Kale-ribbean Breeze 10g Protein

Kale-ribbean Breeze
10g Protein

I found that introducing them to Jamba Juice was very empowering, they could choose one of the pre-made combinations or change the flavors up to fit their tastes.
You can stick to your New Year resolution and snack healthy too – try for free!
I was pleasantry surprised to lean that you can now get Fresh-squeeze juice made with carrot, orange, kale, pineapple, beets, cucumber, ginger just to name a few. Now is a great time to go and try them. Jamba Juice is doing a One Million Free Smoothies or Juices Give Away till they give away one million. You can go in every day and try a new one. What a great way to introduce you kids to some new choices and combinations they may have never ever tired.
Now that my kids are grown and I still have a few in colleges I was interested to learn about the Jamba Juice One Million Free Smoothies or Juices Give Away. You will need to get an Isis Mobile Wallet, but you can download that free app and receive one small smoothie or 12 oz juice per day until Jamba Juice gives away one million.

Carrot Orange Fusion - Kale-ribbean Breeze

Carrot Orange Fusion – Kale-ribbean Breeze

Still concerned about the amount of sugar in your smoothie?
I have to admit I was concerned about the amount of sugars and such that could sneak into some of those juices smoothies. Recently I attended an event to learn about how Jamba Juice is offering even more healthy conscious choices.
Whole Food Nutrition Smoothies – these blended choices offer you whole food nutrition – you can hold out any ingredients you don’t want and they serve up a sure to satisfy healthy option. You can hold any of the ingredients out – I chose to have them dairy free, and they still tasted great.

“Carrot Orange Fusion™ Smoothie
Behold, the smoothie of the future: fresh-squeezed orange juice blended with whole fresh carrots. Add in some bananas, mangos, chia seeds, soy milk and nonfat Greek yogurt and there’s enough Vitamins A and C here to power a small city. Powering your day will be easy.

Kale-ribbean Breeze..Are we sharing the same dream? I hope so, because this is the one where the mangos, passion fruit-mango juice, chia seeds and nonfat Greek yogurt give you all that protein. Then that full cup of kale hands you the energy to make this dream a reality.”

NYC sweets and cookies for me

NYC Cookies

Sicilian Desserts Delight – Boom!

Boom – Why we love these Italian desserts


If it’s a dessert I’m pretty much in, if it’s an Italian dessert and I’m in Italy then I’m all in. From Tiramisu, Panacotta, Pathettone and more. Even if we can find it back home, it’s worth it to at least have a taste while you’re over here.

Iced Jellies of Cinnamon and Melon

Marzipan is a confection consisting primarily of sugar or honey and almond meal,

Just like the cuisine varies from region to region so do the desserts. For this sampling of desserts we are talking about Sicilian favorites.I decided to ditch the diet and try as many desserts during my visit, yes all in the name of trying to provide the best for my blog. So here is part one of my Boom it’s Desserts Italian style.


Cannoli – Pastry rolls filled with ricotta. These Sicilian pastry desserts look like “little tubes” filled with a sweet, creamy filling containing ricotta. You will find these tasty treats on every corner and if fine restaurants.


Traditional Sicilian Cassata – Also from the area of Palermo, Sicily – this treat is also filled with ricotta cheese, with a round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur. The cake is covered with marzipan and then topped with a candied fruit. Very Very rich.

Pignolata cake from Messina

Pignolata cake from Messina

Pignolata cake from Messina – “Pignolata is a Sicilian pastry, and is also common in Calabria. It is a soft pastry, covered in chocolate and lemon flavoured syrup/icing.”

A Typical Sicilian "Vacceria" A selection of Fruits, Nuts, and dried

A Typical Sicilian “Vacceria” A selection of Fruits, Nuts, and dried

We had stretched out in front of us a wide selection of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, beans, and more. “Vucceria”  – below is a a small sample of what we had – part two Desserts tomorrow.

A #Foodie Adventure in Italy Boom!

Bread Basket

Bread Basket

Get ready for a 10 day in Italy #Foodie Fest – we start our experience in Taormina, high up on the eastern coast of Sicily looking down on the Ionian Sea. The Hotel in Taormina is more than beautiful inside, with it’s well-appointed villas having all the comforts you could want. The grounds are filled with cypresses and magnolias, green and glorious, with views of the Sea and Mt. Etna. With a outdoor pool, wellness center, and a shuttle down to the sister property where you can spend the day on the beach. The Grand Hotel Timeo, is a member of the prestigious Orient-Express Hotel Group. has a stunning location, amazing views, and on the same grounds as the ancient Greek Theatre.

Tomatoes filled with creamed tuna and capers

Tomatoes filled with creamed tuna and capers

Marinated anchovies with chilli pepper

Marinated anchovies with chilli pepper

Sardines with breadcrumbs and raisins "beccafico"

Sardines with breadcrumbs and raisins “beccafico”

All the different flavors made the meal, along with local selections of fish a few meat dishes  from the grill were served.The meat included selections of lamb cutlets, sausages grilled on charcoal, and small meat balls that came in lemon leaves. Below I included a photo of the prawns the size of these was so large one was enough per person.

Mediterranean king prawns
From the Grill, Swordfish, squids, tuna

From the Grill, Swordfish, squids, tuna

The Pasta before the sauce -

The Pasta before the sauce –

More Fritters

More Fritters

Tomorrow we will look at the Desserts and, delights from “Vucceria” a selection of Sicilian dried fruits

Boomer Brunch in Brooklyn – Good Bet

Diner – South Williamsburg Brooklyn

Having Brunch at Diner Brooklyn

Having Brunch at Diner Brooklyn

I loved my meal at “Diner”  http://dinernyc.com in Brooklyn, as a #Boomfluent boomer I have had my share of diner food. When my son suggested we try it, I was a little hesitant, Being that this is Brooklyn and located in yet another trendy area I knew that it was going to be a bit pricey and may not fill me up.

My son and his girlfriend who live in the area know that breakfast is my favorite meal and I can be a bit particular when it comes to my brunch, good thing they took me because, you kinda have to know where it is. It has just a tiny sign on a side door. I think it used to and old diner car, I loved the vibe, but it can feel a bit tight in the retro bar area.

Diner has been in Brooklyn for a while 1999 and is part of the Marlow & Sons, Daughter, Diner group. Once inside Diner is a cozy place. http://www.marlowgoods.com/about .

Diner part of the Marlow Family - Brooklyn

Diner part of the Marlow Family – Brooklyn

When we arrived there was a wait but we were lucky it was a nice day, and decided to wait for a table to sit outside, inside it’s a pretty tight squeeze, but certainly the people watching makes up for that.

This area is getting more gentrified and there were enough cute little shops to keep us occupied as we waited.

Diner is known to have a changing menu filled with fresh and seasonal items.

Homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines

Homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines The server wrote out the menu on the paper .

We could not wait to try the homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines. I know a strange combination but we were hungry and she made them each sound so good and special. The scone was served warm with cream and was amazing. The Sardines might have been better if not for the Mimosa I was having.

The real treat was in our main dishes. I had the perfectly Poached eggs atop fresh spinach on a toasted Baguette, yum it was cooked perfect, light fresh one of the best egg sandwiches I have ever had, I could have had two.

Best Poached egg sandwich ever Diner Brooklyn

Best Poached egg sandwich ever Diner Brooklyn

My Son tired Poached eggs served over crusty toasted bread with sliced onion with veggies in a light sauce.

Poached eggs, with fresh veggies and beans

Poached eggs, with fresh veggies and beans

I loved everything about this restaurant – the food was so fresh and tasted great, the vibe was retro and relaxing, and the drinks amazing. I can’t wait to go back, and I live in Chicago.



A Bite of Something Healthy in Milwaukee – Boomerstyle #Boom

Beans & Barley is a nice find and a great place to try some interesting and healthy items. Located on the East Side of greater Milwaukee, stop in for a fresh breakfast, lunch, and or dinner.


My daughter the vegetarian loves the great  selection of items and desserts.


Attached is a smart small grocery store with fresh produce, imported shortbread, organic frozen dinners, fresh-squeezed  juice, wine and more, take some time to discover  fun gifts and greeting cards, pick up a local paper to find other things to see and do in the area.





So, here it is!