Eating Las Vegas

Food , Food, Food, and more food. Make sure you come to Las Vegas hungry, because the selection of food you will find is truly amazing. What makes the Las Vegas food scene different from Chicago, LA, New York is the condensed strip 4.1 mile area where all the hotels and casinos, shops, restaurants, attractions can be found.

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Las Vegas has more than 330 restaurants on the world-famous strip. What used to be known as the land of buffets and diners, Las Vegas has discovered that the way to a man or woman’s cash can also be found through the taste buds. Today variety of cuisine, talent of innovative chefs, and clients looking for cuisine that’s artsy and daring.

The rise of the celebrity and world-famous chefs makes Las Vegas a go to location to launch a spot for one of their top-notch restaurants.

  • Mario Batalia
  • Wolfgang Puck
  • Bouchon by Chef Thomas Keller
  • Mesa Grill by Chef Bobby Flay
  • Mr. Chow by Restaurateur Mr. Chow
  • Giada by Giada De Laurentiis
  • Table 10 by Emeril Lagasse
  • Heritage Steak by Tom Colicchio

Go to Las Vegas where it’s easy to get into these restaurants, parking is easy, and when you walk out you have a whole world that never sleeps. When you visit LA you need to travel in a car, or limo to try a selection of food from these different chefs, in NYC you could walk,  to find the vast selection of selections and choices as you do walking up and down the Las Vegas Strip.

FullSizeRender (6)I have taken a food tour in the past and being on a guided tour is where you get the history, the great gossip, background stories, fun facts, you can meet some of the chefs,  and taste an amazing selection of food. If you have the time I suggest a food tour, and now they have many to choose from.

IMG_0707This past trip, I had limited time so I decided to sample some small bites, and big flavors in a few of my past favorite restaurants. I choose them based on the location to where I was staying, the location of where the restaurant was based on shopping, site seeing,  and going to get a good meal.

The portions are big, the cost is reasonable, and the atmosphere is outstanding so get ready to enjoy your meal, and after you’ll be perfectly placed to continue your night with friends, as well as the best people watching, lounges and late-night entertainment.

Where I ate this time

  1. MICHAEL MINA – Seafood and american cuisine. The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, adjacent to Café Bellagio.
  2. Wolfgang Puck- CUT Las Vegas The Grand Canal Shoppes
  3. The Country Club – Wynn 19th hole
  4. The Palm –  Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace
  5. LAVO Italian Restaurant – entry of Palazzo
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A traveling “Cirque du Soleil has constantly sought to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke the emotions of people around the world” spotted at the NADA convention in Las Vegas

Boomer Brunch in Brooklyn – Good Bet

Diner – South Williamsburg Brooklyn

Having Brunch at Diner Brooklyn

Having Brunch at Diner Brooklyn

I loved my meal at “Diner” in Brooklyn, as a #Boomfluent boomer I have had my share of diner food. When my son suggested we try it, I was a little hesitant, Being that this is Brooklyn and located in yet another trendy area I knew that it was going to be a bit pricey and may not fill me up.

My son and his girlfriend who live in the area know that breakfast is my favorite meal and I can be a bit particular when it comes to my brunch, good thing they took me because, you kinda have to know where it is. It has just a tiny sign on a side door. I think it used to and old diner car, I loved the vibe, but it can feel a bit tight in the retro bar area.

Diner has been in Brooklyn for a while 1999 and is part of the Marlow & Sons, Daughter, Diner group. Once inside Diner is a cozy place. .

Diner part of the Marlow Family - Brooklyn

Diner part of the Marlow Family – Brooklyn

When we arrived there was a wait but we were lucky it was a nice day, and decided to wait for a table to sit outside, inside it’s a pretty tight squeeze, but certainly the people watching makes up for that.

This area is getting more gentrified and there were enough cute little shops to keep us occupied as we waited.

Diner is known to have a changing menu filled with fresh and seasonal items.

Homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines

Homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines The server wrote out the menu on the paper .

We could not wait to try the homemade lemon scone, and also a side dish of tomatoes with sardines. I know a strange combination but we were hungry and she made them each sound so good and special. The scone was served warm with cream and was amazing. The Sardines might have been better if not for the Mimosa I was having.

The real treat was in our main dishes. I had the perfectly Poached eggs atop fresh spinach on a toasted Baguette, yum it was cooked perfect, light fresh one of the best egg sandwiches I have ever had, I could have had two.

Best Poached egg sandwich ever Diner Brooklyn

Best Poached egg sandwich ever Diner Brooklyn

My Son tired Poached eggs served over crusty toasted bread with sliced onion with veggies in a light sauce.

Poached eggs, with fresh veggies and beans

Poached eggs, with fresh veggies and beans

I loved everything about this restaurant – the food was so fresh and tasted great, the vibe was retro and relaxing, and the drinks amazing. I can’t wait to go back, and I live in Chicago.



A Bite of Something Healthy in Milwaukee – Boomerstyle #Boom

Beans & Barley is a nice find and a great place to try some interesting and healthy items. Located on the East Side of greater Milwaukee, stop in for a fresh breakfast, lunch, and or dinner.


My daughter the vegetarian loves the great  selection of items and desserts.


Attached is a smart small grocery store with fresh produce, imported shortbread, organic frozen dinners, fresh-squeezed  juice, wine and more, take some time to discover  fun gifts and greeting cards, pick up a local paper to find other things to see and do in the area.