Boomer but will I be a believer?

I once read a question “Would you rather have wrinkles or cellulite” Of course neither – I don’t know about you, but I have my fair share of both.

IMG_0953 Now that I am over 50 and live in a area where most of the other women all look outstanding, (How do they do that?), could be all be regularly getting some anti aging work done? I think they are. Hey and that’s great for them.

As I continue to wait till I can afford to try the botox, filler, and face rejuvenation (something please soon). I will continue to go the “Over the Counter” counter attack.

Have you tired this attack? What has worked for you?

I have tried to keep up with a good skin routine, but I’m pretty much a soap and water type of gal. A touch of moisturiser and call it a day. Yes I have slept with my make up on more times than I have washed it off.

Oh and I buy it from Walgreens, Walmart, Kohl’s the grocery store, I have also been a believer that cream is cream and spending a ton of money could turn out to be a slippery slide.

Face Fix


Seeing more photos of my face on that, Facebook and lines in that face space, I decided to pull out some big guns and try the Chanel new anti aging cream. It smells great and came in a very fancy container.


Dear Skin Fairy, I will take care of my skin for 30 days, I mean wash off my makeup at night moisture both day and evening, and follow a good routine. I’m also going to drink 5 glasses of water, and try to sleep 6 hours a night in a row. Will you give me better skin in a month?

What do we all think out there in slowing aging land?

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