Top 5 Tips for going to the Farmers Market – BOOM

Top tips for going to the farmers market. Boomers let’s go have some fun, meet some friends, find some fresh food, and enjoy the summer.

Going to the farmers market is a great way to save money, shop local and support the farmers, it’s great exercise, and you can see your neighbors. I share some simple and easy tips to get you out of the house and out to the market.

1. Bring your sunscreen

2. Grab your sunglasses

3. Bring Cash

4. Grab a bag canvas or nylon

5. Look cute, bring a hat.

It’s also good to go early but not so early that the farmers are still setting up, but enough so that most of the produce and food is on display and you can get the lay of the land. Who is carrying what items on that day, what look best. Feel free to ask the farmers lot’s of questions. If they grown this food they are excited to share information, recipes, stories, and more. Take the time to talk with them.

Have fun and let me know what you find at your local farmers market.

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