Seville Spain – Top 5 in 2 Days 2 See

Top 5 things to see and do in Seville

I had a quick 2 days to visit Seville, it was going to be such a quick trip I almost decided to just skip Seville and go straight to Barcelona…I’m so happy I took a stop in Seville Spain, and I suggest you do to.

Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville

Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Seville

Seville is one of the most exciting and beautiful areas of Spain.

Located on River Guadalquivir named after ‘Hispalis’ (Roman origin). Seville has so much to offer and the history an iconic representation of architectural relics by Moorish Almohad dynasty.  You can explore most of the city just walking around, and two days will allow you to get the vibe of the city, the taste of the cuisine, of the history and art.

This is the view from the Jewish Quarter looking at the Cathedral of Seville

This is the view from the Jewish Quarter looking at the Cathedral of Seville

Within a 5 minute walk of our hotel.

So easy to experience the taste of tapas from many of its outstanding restaurants. There are so many scattered around the city, flamenco is everywhere and you can catch some of the best flamenco shows to be seen in Spain. Horse drawn buggies crowd the streets hop in one to view the architecture everywhere you look will take your breath away landmarks, fountains, squares, gardens, and sculptures. We had 2 days and we really felt we were able to capture the feel and history of the city.

The Alcazar of Seville is a great spot to see and learn about the history of the kings, and royal families

The Alcazar of Seville is a great spot to see and learn about the history of the kings, and royal families

While planning to visit Seville, try to stay at the Hotel Alfonso.

Save up some extra money for one of the best & most interesting hotels in Europe. We booked the perfect room in Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Moorish style royal palace dating back to 1929. This exquisite hotel provides delicious and visually beautify traditional breakfast. From the lush garden view, private terraces and elegant Juliet balconies these hotel staples make your trip priceless.

Hotel Alfonso XIII is a historic hotel in Seville, Spain, located on Calle San Fernando.

Hotel Alfonso XIII is a historic hotel in Seville, Spain, located on Calle San Fernando.

Take the Hotel Tour.

My girlfriend Pam had stayed the year before and mentioned I should take the hotel tour, it’s free and there is so much to see just in the hotel. As you will see from the below photo our tour guide was the same one my friend had almost 2 years before us. Even if you are not able to stay at the hotel, do spare some time to enjoy a cocktail, grab breakfast in the garden or have a late lunch there, because they offer free hotel tour after 3 o’clock.

The Hotel Alfonso tour guide 3:00

The Hotel Alfonso tour guide 3:00

Start at the Real Alcazar.

Once in Seville, start your visit at Real Alcazar. It is a world heritage site, a royal palace originally constructed during Moorish Muslim reign. This place is an amazing depiction of Mudejar architecture, which beautifully blends Islamic architectural elements with local materials. Rising arches, decorative courtyards and amazing intricate details on the wall simply takes your breath away. Alcazar of Seville combines influences from Renaissance period, late Middle Ages, Baroque and Gothic culture.

Walking toward on of the gardens - Reales Alcázares de Sevilla" or "Royal Alcazars

Walking toward on of the gardens – Reales Alcázares de Sevilla” or “Royal Alcazars

There are ten major zones of in the Alcazar of Seville, each of which signifies art forms from different cultures. There are hidden courtyards, baths, tropical gardens, walkways and patios which simply have to be seen.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary -Built on the site of a grand Almohad Mosque, Seville's cathedral was built to demonstrate the city's power and wealth

The Cathedral of Saint Mary -Built on the site of a grand Almohad Mosque, Seville’s cathedral was built to demonstrate the city’s power and wealth

 Seville's Cathedral at night

Seville’s Cathedral at night

The Cathedral is beautiful night and day.

Once done with Alcazar of Seville (which will take a bit of time), walk across the street and visit the Seville Cathedral. Also known as Cathedral of Saint Mary with majestic appeal and bell tower. It is the third-largest church in the world, which depicts city’s wealth during Reconquista years in 1248. You won’t be able to explore this cathedral in one day as it has eighty chapels and five hundred masses. Since we were short on time we just did some of the highlights and then spent time reading more about it online. The inside of this cathedral is a never-ending chronicle, of gothic arches, sculptures of archangels, stain glass artwork on windows, cross vaults on ceilings and so much more.


Food, shopping, tapas, and more in the Jewish Quarter.

Just around the bend back towards the Alcazar is an area known as the Jewish Quarter. Here you will find many interesting gift shops, restaurants, and some other hidden off the beaten path sights. Enjoy the area and you can find great little places that serve tapas, so grab a bite and enjoy.

Little shops around the town

Little shops around the town

Great Shopping.

The main shopping area of Seville is also filled with history, restaurants, shops, and more tapas. At night you can find lots of spots to sit and take in the view of the Cathedral while enjoying some of the best sangria you may ever have.

The heart of Seville's shopping district is Calle Sierpes

The heart of Seville’s shopping district is Calle Sierpes

You can also catch many Flamenco shows; many change each night so even if you go back to the same place you may see different dancers.A short carriage ride away from Seville cathedral is Casa de Pilatos, an Andalusian style palace which is now a permanent residence of Medinaceli Dukes.

La Casa de Pilatos is an Andalusian palace in Seville, Spain

La Casa de Pilatos is an Andalusian palace in Seville, Spain

"Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. ... The structure consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms"

“Metropol Parasol is a wooden structure located at La Encarnación square, in the old quarter of Seville, Spain. … The structure consists of six parasols in the form of giant mushrooms”

"The Plaza de España is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa, in Seville, Spain, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929"

“The Plaza de España is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa, in Seville, Spain, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929″Seville is also known for serene towns located on its outskirts. Do not forget to visit Triana, a small town located across the bridge. The sight of sunset on stone pavements and a wonderful food market nearby will fulfill your travel appetite.



What will I wear? Because I love to eat on Vacation

I recently had a quick few days in Las Vegas for a conference. I wanted to travel with a simple easy wardrobe that I could mix and match. I looked to pack a few pieces that could be dressy, casual, easy to layer, and items that I didn’t have to worry about wrinkles. By the way, is soft surroundings in financial trouble? because I really like the clothes in Soft Surrounding. offers stylish, luxurious, and comfortable women’s clothes for every size.


Love this simple pop of bright pink top – you can dress it up or down. Here I have it with a simple pair of jeans, faded black.

This silky black top can be worn for a nice dinner, off to a show, in a club. It gives you a lot of room to enjoy the food you may want to try in the restaurant. If you spill on it no worries, to make sure it’s wrinkle free when you arrive just hang it in the bathroom, and boom it’s ready to wear.


A great silky black top, with a dark dressy pair of jeans. Gold jewelry.

Love this simple clean look, with a pop of color in the red jeans. This black top is easy to layer and again you can dress it up or down. Looks very classy with the silver chain.


This is a great look to walk around the town. You can layer it up when your get a chill, and strip it down if you get hot walking in the warm Vegas air.

white shirt, black jeans, business look.

This is a great clean and classy look – I paired it with a black blazer and it was ready for business. A crisp white shirt, dark jeans, and high heals.

I love this look, it’s amazing that jeans with these big rips can actually be considered dressy. This is my casual  travel look when I fly, I layer a soft gray sweater over this, and also carry and wear my big gray poncho – pictured below. I wear my easy gray slip on shoes for going through the TSA lines, easy to slip my shoes on and off.


This photo was taken on a recent trip to NYC not Las Vegas, but I wanted to include it because you can see I have my gray poncho on. It’s like a big warm blanket perfect to travel on a plane with.


Off To A Conference for Midlife Women #BAMC16

Marketing Zeus: The Purchasing Power of Women

Blogging even if you don’t Blog – Boomers need love too

A Blogging Conference comes to Chicago next week. Yes I said Blogging….but I hope this year the brands don’t ignore me…

Got Milk - Missed the Get

Got Milk – Missed the Get

Last summer about this time – I went to New York to attend a blogging conference “Blogher12” – What is Blogher you may ask? You may want to Google it, or even go to the website, check out the site, it will give you a big overview.

BlogHer Conference

BlogHer Conference

“In 2005, BlogHer Co-founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Stone held a conference to answer the question, “where are all the women who blog?” Today, BlogHer conferences bring together thousands of these women from around the world to discuss, inspire and connect with each other.”

Last year it was in New York City, lucky for me I was able to visit with my son, and even get him to do a little (BlogHer) work for me. It was my 4th such conference, this year will be my 5th BlogHer conference, I can’t wait.

NYC - My son and Blogher Lucky Me!

NYC – My son and Blogher Lucky Me!

Although, did I mention to you yet, I have a small problem with blogging, I’m extremely dyslexic so it makes it hard to blog, write, and for you who are reading this, at this point you understand what I’m saying here…yes I see you nodding.

What I do and love is create “Micro Content”…What did I just say, “Micro content”..Um you may be thinking, what is that? Well I Tweet a lot, Facebook plenty, Instagram, Vine, Pin,  those are short form social platforms, and are considered by some to be “micro”, based on the size of the communications.

#ChicagonistaLive Gals

#ChicagonistaLive Gals

I also co-host a webcast, podcast, and produce large events for bloggers to attend. I have been very fortunate over the past 5 years to have found a way to market my skills. I enjoy being able to consult with brands on how to build relationships with their target market, something I have been doing for the past 25 years, it’s just cooler now.

I enjoy using these digital platforms I love. It has been so nice meeting other gals who like to do things that I like to do, for example, take photos of all their food, their friends food, and  even if it looks cool “strangers” food. Then these same group of gals will use our mobil devices and start to Tweet it, Instagram it, Pin it, and then eat it. Sometimes the food is even still hot, after we post all of the photos.

There are many reasons for me to be attending Blogher13 this summer.


Cottonelle Blogher12

Cottonelle Blogher12

#1.  It’s in Chicago

#2.  This year I was asked to also help out and lead a session on Podcasting.

#3. I get to connect IRL (in real life) with so many online friends these “Bloggers”. These folks are kinda all in this same world as me, and it’s fun to share stories, hints, tips, apps, and much more. Did I mention, we all stop and take photos of our food, photos of street signs, photos of the skyline, photos of everything and then we will Tweets, tag, share, well you get the picture. (Pun intended)

Yes I did

Yes I did

You may be thinking. Why do we do this, and why do Brands like to sponsor and attend Blogher?  For me the reason is simple I like to create fun content, I enjoy sharing the stories of places I have been, products I like, people I meet. The brands like it when we share, it’s much better if a user, and or consumer of a product tries it and likes it, we then may tell a friend and so it goes the wonderful, trusted, word of mouth. If MR. BRANDX tells you how wonderful his product is – how much do we care, of course he loves his own product and he wants you to buy it.

Chuck C Cheese - Me being cheesy

Chuck C Cheese – Me being cheesy

Many  brands come to this conference. These brands set up in a super huge expo area,  brands like Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Walgreens, and many more. Of course small companies come to show their products. The trick is these brands are spending a lot to be at this conference. What a chance to mix and mingle with the brands target market, but more than that it’s a whole conference filled with people that will create content the brand can use on it’s own social platforms, such as Facebook, or Twitter.  It’s a good thing that the brands are at the expo area. It means our voices matter, our opinions’ matter, and our pocketbooks matter. It means that these companies want to have an opportunity to meet us in person, see what moves us, and if things work out, will build a relationship with us. We are the “Bloggers, Vloggers, and Content Creators”. They love to see us whip out our iPhone, take a video, create content. We create content we can share with our audiences, and social channels, and it the brands content to share.

Next week I will see many of the brands that we all are familiar with, use, and if these brands plan it right, we might try a new one at some point. These brands come to meet, mix, and get to know the “bloggers”. Many brands would like to start relationships with bloggers for different reasons.

Maybe a blogger will try the product like it enough to write about it, and that becomes word of mouth marketing, advertising, for the brand.

Example if  I try a product, I like it, I blog about it, and then my readers read it, they may think – “Hey if old Beth, thinks this new xyz (skincare line) is good and useful, maybe I will try it”  When I create content around it, and my readers then try it, the brand is happy.

At Blogher 12 Kate Gosselin

At Blogher 12
Kate Gosselin

Last year I had so much fun in the expo hall, I took a lot of silly photos, created content that I thought my readers would find interesting, useful, helpful, relevant, and I did try to talk to the brands. I shared many of these photos and stories with my non-blogger friends, many of my IRL (in real life) friends who don’t blog, but they do buy.

I got a kick from Kikkoman

I got a kick from Kikkoman

I just want to say to the “Brands” the ones I may see next week, don’t ignore us, the boomers or the small number gals, the rebranders, and the newbie’s.

Also “Brands” I get it I know you’re interested in either finding the most influential bloggers, bloggers who have a big reach, names that the brands were told to look out for.  I did not have one of the brands that I took these fun photos with last year follow up with me. Some of the products I likes and others not so much, remember it’s a two way street, let’s make sure we all take the time to respect each other and see past the number. Also age is just a number. I may be a boomer, but I have young nieces and nephews, my own kids work with kids. I’m excited to meet you let’s try this again.