Women making an “IMPACT”

“As a bullet whizzed past my cheek, the heat caused me to fall face first into the concrete” Isaiah Brooms spoke to the crowd – and we listened to each word, each breath of his story, this was his experience growing up in Chicago. This same man Isaiah was now in front of the crowd of over 400 women, and he is now a Chicago Public School teacher, a mentor, a youth minister, and role model Mr. Brooms  is telling us this, and thanking Tutoring Chicago and his first tutor Sarah.

Tutoring Chicago

From Tutoring Chicago Facebook page

Isaiah is pitching to the crowd, almost Shark Tank style as he and six other finalist are presenting for the 2016 grant award from Impact 100 Chicago. A group of women in Chicago who each donate $1,000 each to empower change. This is an all women, all volunteer group of women, who put their own money, time, effort, and resources to seek out nonprofits that are making a difference, empowering, and changing the lives of so many.

These grants are not taking lightly, each application and applicant is looked over and vetted with a rigorous review, four-step process, and close look at how the funds will be used.

From RefugeeOne Facebook page -

From RefugeeOne Facebook page –

Each of the presentations were so moving, I wanted to get up and volunteer  my own time and money to help each one. The crowd heard from Refugee One, a very poised young lady who survived the worst situation over in her birth country of Sudan was welcomed with open arms when she finally arrived to Chicago. A heart moving story of how she now has hope for a future because of this group was eye opening.

Another presentation was for a program which supports low-income students so they can continue their education, One Million Degrees and they walked away with on of the four awarded with $100,000 grant’s so they can continue to support their efforts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.41.47 PMHere are the links to all of the organizations that were selected to present – in my heart all of these are amazing and sharing your support will continue to impact change for the better here in Chicago, and around the world. Next year you can bet that I will be supporting Impact 100 Chicago, and maybe you should also.

Chicago Women in Trades

One Million Degrees

The Chicago Debate Commission

Refugee One

Family Rescue Inc


Action Chicago



Discover a flower work of art to celebrate life!


Now in Chicago

Now in Chicago

Last week we had an opportunity to introduce Kalla Flowers in Chicago. The ritual of sending flowers has become very mundane; Mothers Day, the birth of a baby, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions are not mundane events. These touchstone moments in our lives represent the very best in life. They are the connections with our family, relatives, and friends that embrace the most wonderful moments that we cherish.

Bold floral designs and signature gift box are sure to wow!

Bold floral designs and signature gift box are sure to wow!

Kalla does so much more than just package and send flowers. Kalla put’s the meaning back into the old saying Tis better to give then receive” with Kalla they help create a connection to the receiver and the giver to show that the occasion is truly one that is special, should be celebrated, and build on the memories for our lifetime.

Since Flowers represent the true circle of life, from the first gift a new baby receives when they enter the world, to all the special moments, from graduations, birthdays, weddings, holidays, I love you days, and many more moments.

Broadcasting Live from 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago - Showcasing Kalla Flowers

Broadcasting Live from 900 North Michigan Shops in Chicago – Showcasing Kalla Flowers

We feel that Kalla has a unique role where the generic arrangements of the past have no place when it comes to really showing the receiver of a Kalla’s arrangements how much the sender loves, appreciates, and is connected to the occasion.  The reasons you send a Kalla arrangement is it envelopes true emotional memories and connections to be cherished forever.

You can watch the full show here on ChicagonistaLive.com