So Simple Steps for Perfect Make Up

I found this and just wanted to share it with you – I’m going to try some of these tips – if you do let me know.

9 Unbelievably Simple Steps For Perfect Make-Up

Top 5 Tips for going to the Farmers Market – BOOM

Top tips for going to the farmers market. Boomers let’s go have some fun, meet some friends, find some fresh food, and enjoy the summer.

Going to the farmers market is a great way to save money, shop local and support the farmers, it’s great exercise, and you can see your neighbors. I share some simple and easy tips to get you out of the house and out to the market.

1. Bring your sunscreen

2. Grab your sunglasses

3. Bring Cash

4. Grab a bag canvas or nylon

5. Look cute, bring a hat.

It’s also good to go early but not so early that the farmers are still setting up, but enough so that most of the produce and food is on display and you can get the lay of the land. Who is carrying what items on that day, what look best. Feel free to ask the farmers lot’s of questions. If they grown this food they are excited to share information, recipes, stories, and more. Take the time to talk with them.

Have fun and let me know what you find at your local farmers market.

Bad Bad Botox – So Why Do I Want It So Bad?

I am, Iam trying to be a mature women without using the ” Botox”..I said trying…

I’m a virgin – stop it – ok, a Botox virgin. Us, older ladies know that
you, younger women, are using Botox to prevent looking like mature older women and it just might work.

Sporting the bangs with, Lisa Lillien (a.k.a. Hungry Girl) is a New York Times best-selling author and the creator of the Hungry Girl brand
See, I grew up in a time when you would look at your canned food to
make sure there were no dents in the can. That was BAD – That Was Botulism.

Back in the day we wanted to make sure the food was in an airtight container. We didn’t buy home canned foods at the fair because of the scare of Botulism. Botulism was known to cause a very dangerous disease. We knew about it and stayed away.

Don't eat what is in here - but inject it into your face

Don’t eat what is in here – but inject it into your face

Then in 1989 a purified botulism toxin was declared a medicine. The
FDA licensed it for treatment in eye conditions. Since then it’s also
be used for many other medial treatments, and then cosmetic purposes.
So this Botulism now known as Botox is being injected into the faces of many. Young, old, men and women. Do they feel no fear as they try to turn back the hands of time?

The Botox is injected into the facial
muscles to cause a limited paralysis, the muscles relax and the
wrinkles release making the skin appear smooth.

I have been filling my cosmetic cabinets with anti wrinkle creams for
years, and many –  in fact, all don’t work. THEY DONT WORK –

In fact, many also have harmful chemicals that I’m not sure what the long term danger is.  It could even be worse then eating that the old canned food?

As a Boomer, I am not ready for Botox –My face is ready, more than ready.

Yes, I have the wrinkles of a mature women, I’m going to try a detox diet for a month a sort of internal cleansing. I hope this will not only help me on the inside, but show on the outside. If you truly want to bring back your youthful glow, tools like a face massager might be the game-changer for you.

I will document this – starts this week.
I might have to go back to the Bangs – a little while longer – then maybe look at my wrinkles again and decide…

Bangs not Botox

Bangs not Botox

Boomer but will I be a believer?

I once read a question “Would you rather have wrinkles or cellulite” Of course neither – I don’t know about you, but I have my fair share of both.

IMG_0953 Now that I am over 50 and live in a area where most of the other women all look outstanding, (How do they do that?), could be all be regularly getting some anti aging work done? I think they are. Hey and that’s great for them.

As I continue to wait till I can afford to try the botox, filler, and face rejuvenation (something please soon). I will continue to go the “Over the Counter” counter attack.

Have you tired this attack? What has worked for you?

I have tried to keep up with a good skin routine, but I’m pretty much a soap and water type of gal. A touch of moisturiser and call it a day. Yes I have slept with my make up on more times than I have washed it off.

Oh and I buy it from Walgreens, Walmart, Kohl’s the grocery store, I have also been a believer that cream is cream and spending a ton of money could turn out to be a slippery slide.

Face Fix


Seeing more photos of my face on that, Facebook and lines in that face space, I decided to pull out some big guns and try the Chanel new anti aging cream. It smells great and came in a very fancy container.


Dear Skin Fairy, I will take care of my skin for 30 days, I mean wash off my makeup at night moisture both day and evening, and follow a good routine. I’m also going to drink 5 glasses of water, and try to sleep 6 hours a night in a row. Will you give me better skin in a month? Doctors suggest you to take care of yourself and be aware of pancreatic cancer symptoms.

What do we all think out there in slowing aging land?

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