About Me, the BoomFluent!

BethAllow me to introduce myself, I’m Beth Rosen you can reach me at BethKRosen@gmail.com – also at ChicagonistaLive.com, and I’m living my best life as a fab boomer! Here in Boomfluent.com expect me to bring you the latest in fashion, fitness, flirting, families, frolicking, fun and so much more for us gals over 50.

I will bring you my boomHAUL fashion segments, real life girlfriend to girlfriend boomTALK, and revealing my own boom  reality life version as the boomFLUENT you’d wish to be!

I’m looking to you for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, hints and tips that this whole community will be able to share and learn from. Yes I believe that life  is just started the true fun and will begin at 50.  Look at who we are today with the fastest-growing group using social media, we have the largest disposable income, we have the freedom to come and go as we please, and none of the big brands or advertisers are focusing on us.

As a blogger over 50 I get a lot of pitches from prunes to retirement homes, are you kidding me!? This gal can strut the Louboutins, Chanels, and still run to the nearest H&M and make it work!



What else am I doing today?

Currently I’m one of the co-host of the ChicagonistaLIVE! show talking about city hot topics as well as social media and geeky fun news.

And just recently co-founded Women Driving Excellence where we celebrate women who start, accelerate, and fuel others to excellence.



My background came from radio ………………..