3 summer jewelry trends will make us “Love our Necks”!

Hey, Beautiful Boomers, we don’t love our necks – but today’s jewelry fashion trends, like the ones from custom jewelry online, are a gift to us boomers. The best news is you can find some fun funky finds and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Tip #1 – Longer Leaner Looking Neckline


For a more lean look and no need to hide your neckline, go for one of the long drop Y strands. This look can extend as far down the front as you feel comfortable, and it creates a tall, thinning look. You can mix and match strands you find, or easy run into any store and grab this look.

Tip #2 – Frame your face

Keep it clean and simple and frame your face. Choose a few strands and drop around your neck. Add a few charms if you want to add some texture to the feel. Lot’s of great selections in the stores now, mix and match colors and thickness.

Tip #3 Balance your Bust

Love that you can draw attention away from your bust or to it depending on your choice. So many choices when it come to the feel of the new chunky styles. You can accent any look, balance around the collarbone. Turn on any news station and see how the anchors are wearing this style. Again it’s a trend so have fun and don’t spend lots of cash, choose the style that brightens up your outlook and outfit. You can also check here for matching rings.


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