I went a bit “Rogue” Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I slayed the Red Carpet – and no one noticed me..

They say that women after a certain age become a bit invisible. I’m usually a pretty big personality ask anyone who knows me, but at the Star Wars World Premier – I was happy to be that older women, and invisible.

You might think, a short women carrying a very large RED LightSaber is hard to miss, I must say most just ignored me. Here are my three reasons why

  1. Most people may have thought I was an older talent agent and they were not going to ask who I was, or tell me where and what I could do.
  2. Maybe people thought I was an executives wife, and we have seen how that works out – (“Sources told Page Six another woman who was rudely splashed was Lisa ­Pevaroff-Cohn, the wife of Goldman bigwig Gary Cohn.” via “SiriusXM canned Bethenny Frankel’s show after meltdown” Page Six
  3. I’m invisible – women after a certain age are invisible, we go unnoticed, and people don’t pay much attention to us – even on the Red Carpet.