The Boomer Top 10 Reasons – MTV Jumped The Shark

Yes the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards –  jumped the shark

MTV Moon Man

MTV Once Played Music
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There was a time when MTV actually played music videos, in fact the videos were groundbreaking, thought provoking, and yes even titillating, but not push it your face – shove it down  – because you can’t think for yourself way, more of a “we are young, edgy, and ready to push the envelope”.

I love the saying “Less is More”. Remember when a tease was in fact a tease, and we didn’t need things totally acted out, we used our own imaginations, and guess what,  that worked. Yes even pressing the limits meant something.

What has happened? Didn’t the MTV video awards once reflect a true recognition of young new artists, creating, challenging, and expanding music. A place for up and coming artists to explore this new platform, and the more established artist hung around to mentor, advise, and even learn some new tricks.

Come on Lady GaGa - you can do better Photo Credit and Link Below MTV

Come on Lady GaGa – you can do better
Photo Credit and Link Below MTV

The playground that was MTV would encourage new artists to explore and create. The awards offered a chance for these artist old and young to perform in front of a live TV audience and peers. A chance to perform live was a privilege, a special outing, a bonus for having their videos run on the station, and become popular.

As fortune would have it MTV had to get into other programming because just playing music videos was not enough to keep them viable and the lights on. Yes we know that bills need to be paid, and sometimes other revune streams need to be created. I loved it when the Real World was real.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.46.13 PMNow it seems endless programs of pregnant teenage moms, Jersey juiceheads, and online dating scams have changed the vibe too much.  FTV (Fake TV) would be more appropriate now for this channel.

It use to be that watching the celebrities watching the awards with us provided entertainment, but this years artist looked locked into the Barclays Center expressions of boredom when the camera did pan around the arena made it evident,. I’m sure they were told they could not text just incase the camera did catch a glimpse, imagine if they were playing words with friends…

Us Boomers remember a time when Howard Stern showed his buttocks, Madonna made love to the floor, and Britney dressed in next to nothing with a snake, but that’s nothing compared to the over exposure of this years show.

Your young and beautiful - please don't do this yet

Your young and beautiful – please don’t do this yet

Here are my top ten –  WTF

 10. Taylor Swift – Fire your makeup artist now. You have so much class and style, I understand your wanting to be seen as more mature – but looking like a middle aged women on her way to a PTO fundraiser is not the way to do it–

 9. Taylor Swift Also– Please send your mom over to Miley Cyrus house to have a sit down with her parents.  I know I know it’s not her parents fault but at least if Milys parents could of guided her a bit – yes she’s a big girl and “she can do what she wants to”…but that doesn’t mean she should

 8. It was so meaningful that  Jason Collins introduced Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – I also loved seeing Jennifer Hudson – but she was not needed there, I felt it stole a bit of the thunder away from what a simple but important moment in that MTV train wreck of the show

7.  Wait – I thought NSync was going to perform – oh that was them – a quick “Hi Hi Hi and then Bye Bye Bye”

6. What – What – Daft Punk was there and did not play and did not win. One Direction may be talented, but they are a template pre fab band – who can carry a tune and look cute, but groundbreaking, original no and their song that won, “Best Song Ever”. was it? Was that a Sally Fields moment!

5. Where are the adults who should be watching the store – the show lacked pace, it was a technical nightmare,  with so much thought put into bleeping the offensive language and not making any inappropriate drug references—what about the porn performances live on stage – Hello?

4.  Can we get Bruno Mars’s team to produce the whole show please; I loved his understated performance that showed his clear talent and class. Thank you Mr. Mars’s

3.  Katy Perry – UM the 1970’s called and they want the look, sound, and choreography back. Although it was probably one of the best parts of the show. It felt real; an audience  filled with real folks who actually seemed thrilled to be there, but certainly not what I would call a “ROAR”..

2. Lady Gaga – GRL you have at your disposable the most talented costume people, choreographers, and many other creative sorts. So what’s with the white cardboard square, nun outfit? That’s what you gave us last night – shame on you.  Also walking onto canned “Boos”  am I really at that “Get off my lawn, stage”.  Still GaGa I was happy you’re healed and able to move like before

1.Please bring back the edgy, real, creative, ground breaking, MTV video awards. Oh wait that’s right MTV don’t play music anymore. Never mind