Why do people love bloopers?

I have raised 4 children. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way, and most of them have worked out to be great teachable moments for my kids. Even if I had to eat some humble pie along the way.

I am proud to say we made it though high school and college without them winding up in the police blotter. My twins just turned 21 and never got an under age drinking ticket at college. Three of my children have traveled and studied abroad and made it home safe and sound, even though some of the Facebook posts I happened to see were um less then stellar.

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I have tried to be a perfect role model, with all the best behavior I could muster. I must admit at times it has been tough. Have you ever tired to discipline your child while holding in the laughter because what they did to deserve the little lecture was really funny, but unexpected behaviors.

How about yelling at your kids and hearing your moms voice come out of your mouth. OY

One rule I have lived by, is to let my kids see me make mistakes. It’s the little subtle lessons they learn when they know how you recover from the mistakes that worth it. As much as I would like them to think I’m perfect it’s better for them to know that I’m not.

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Fail up, learn and move on, make it even better the next time, happy missteps…

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