5 things I’m Lollapalooza obsessed with – ButtCheekage is one of them

5 things I’m obsessed with at Lollapalooza on Day 2

5. Flower Power is back.


This summer along Michigan Avenue in Chicago, on the Chicago Cultural Mile, Plant Green Ideas RRR at www.plantgreenideas.com and www.chicagoculturalmile.org.have placed head-shaped planter sculptures, many have flowers growing out of them. I also noticed a flower power theme on the grounds of Grant Park, a nod back to the 60’s was in full force at the fest. I was obsessed with how many girls at Lolla were sporting the look of flower wreaths on their heads. Very retro –

 4.  Tour guide flag’s – stick’s and cartoon characters.

sticksupI thought it was just brilliant and creative how many groups of people came prepared with their own form of how to find each other. In the crowd you may spot a plush unicorn head mounted on a stick, a naked blow up doll, or just a flag, many carried high above their heads an object that could easily be seen by others from a-far. What a great way to be able to mark your territory,  spot your group, and just make your way through the crowd. Above are a few I spotted today.

3.  The Great Chicago Police Force.


The officers who I met and are working Lollapalooza have all been beyond helpful and kind. I have seen them chatting with visitors, helping others get water, and pointing people in the right direction. The force seems to be setting a nice tone and vibe. I saw these two even having some good fun with some of the VIP’s. Thank you Chicago Police who have shared smiles and handshakes all around.

2.  Boomers – Lollapalooza Fashion Hit’s and Misses –








I did notice many of the over 40 crowd dressed age appropriate. That’s more than I can say for some of the younger women in the crowd. Looking concert ready with many wearing sensible comfy shoes, hat’s they are ready to rock. There were a few misses, but all and all I’m proud of our Boomfluent group

1. Butt Overexposed Cheekyness.


I just don’t understand this fashion no no.  It’s a throw back to the high waist mom jeans, but now cut off so short exposing the under butt cheeks. At first I thought it was just a small group of girls, (not)  as I walked around it’s dozens and dozens of girls with lower butt bottoms hanging out. I would call it a diaper cut, and these babies need to get tossed out ladies.

I can’t wait to see what I will discover on day 3 of Lollapalooza

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