3 Fashion No No’s Even if on Sale – Walk Away

Boomers, we know what looks good on us. Let’s not let the fashion world tells us what we should be wearing.  Step away from the summer sales, you know that are trying to move the fashions that have not moved the masses to purchase them. Below are three fashion don’ts – so please don’t.

Heck yes it’s summer, but let’s please do not wear those half hem dresses. You know the one, it’s a dress or skirt – is it business in the back and party in the front?. It’s a fashion no no – in both front and back.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 11.42.25 PM

Let’s say yes to single shoulder frocks. They frame your neck and shoulders in a great flattering way. I have found them to make my neck appear longer, and my arms slimmer.

Can we be truthful and please let’s take a pass on the Peplum skirts. What do they hide? I have only found them to accentuate some other areas, that we don’t want to bring attention to. If you want to try on that trend, maybe pick a solid color and dress it up with a simple shirt.

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I’m a fan of the color block dresses. Many flatter in the areas that well we would like to flatter, and that make areas appear flatter.  You can find the dresses with all different kinds of patterns.

Another look that we should look away from, even if on sale. Can we just say no the overalls – they didn’t look good then and they don’t look any better now. If you do decided to try them out, please keep both straps buckled, and no floral.

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Layers are great, you can pull off many different looks have something to keep you cool a layer on top to cover what you might want to camouflage or hide. Feel free to place patterns over solids or patterns over patterns.

Girls – one more thing – let’s double check our bra’s and panties. I have been liking the thongs this summer, because I don’t feel the crease at the top of my tush or around my hips.

What did you buy this summer that has been a fashion no no for your body?

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